LENGTH: Complete trail – 61,5 km. Applications can also be made for half of the trail.

PARTICIPATION: No restrictions on participation. Participation is open to individuals, intending to walk the whole or half distance. The route runs along forest roads, forest trails and only partially (total of 5 km at the beginning and end) on public paved roads. The trail is easy, with no dangerous or difficult ascents and descents. The hike is non-competitive, is not timed and does not recognise winners. Each participant who successfully completes the hike receives an award and practical prize. Participation on the hike is at the individual’s discretion, with each participant required to sign a declaration prior to receiving the control card.

APPLICATIONS: Until Friday, 21. 04. 2017 at 12:00 by online pre-registration at The application fee is 10 EUR. Applications are also possible on the day of the hike, when the fee is 15 EUR.

EQUIPMENT: Appropriate hiking equipment, especially good boots and headlamp. Due to organisational requirements and hiker safety, mobile phones are mandatory.

START: From 04:30 to 06:00 at the Penzion Tušek Jezero in Kočevje.

COMPLETION: By 20:00 at the starting point of Penzion Tušek Jezero in Kočevje.


  1. Luža Forest Hut (18,6 km / alt. 813 m), x-496519, y-66551
  2. Žaga Rog (32,5 km / alt. 838 m), x-500777, y-59081, time stamp at 14.00
  3. Podstene Hut (38,3 km / alt. 945 m), x-501891, y-54380
  4. Lovski vrh (53 km / alt. 829 m), x-497543, y-52660

As verification of the route completed, each participant receives a control card with stamps from each of the three control points. Any participant, who does not depart from the Žaga Rog checkpoint by 14:00, will not be allowed to continue the hike; organizers will be responsible for transporting them to the starting point.

CARE: Organisers will ensure that sufficient water is available at each check-point, and, at Žaga Rog (checkpoint 2), participants will receive a warm meal.

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